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Monroe County Appeal
Paris , Missouri
July 29, 2010     Monroe County Appeal
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July 29, 2010

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i TDIT~TWI?~ ~k! l~ ORDER l~'('~l~ the decedent under Section 473.097, RS.Mo, with the Probate Division of ~ ii Jtx~l.,oxa:~au o oz'z~a:~ v =-=yA. RSMo with .......... ............ me trooate .lV,SlOn O* the Circuit of Monroe Count, | !1 Missouri ~ J All creditors of the decedent, who " ~ ;I diedonOct 10,2009, are ~otified that Notice of Initiation of the Section 106 Process: ::i, Section 473.444, RSMo, sets a limita- PUBLIC NOTICE t tion period that would bar claims one , , I 1 year after the death of the decedent. A A 300 ,height self-support tower [AT&T Mobility' Stoutsville Me- | : [ - " ' creditor may request that this estate be 1646 Tower Site ] will be constructed, location 25001 Missouri 107, | i[ " " "-" ' - " ' " opened for administration. Stoutsville, Missouri 65283, specifically at Latitude (North) -! [ " ' ='-~ ' ~ ~" ............... " " " ' Receipt of this notice should not be 39-33-02.054; Longitude (West) 91-49-46.466 I r . " ', ~,_~ --. ........ ~..~,,"~':',,[~"~,,~'~ .. "" . ' construed by the recipient to indicate Contact AT&T Mobility c/o 913-724-5800. i i a beneficial interest in the estate The ADVERTISEMENT FOR BID~; [ nature and extent ofany person smter- Project No. 09-1134.000 ! :i est, if any, may possibly be determined CITY OF PARIS, MISSOURI [ from the affidavit on this estate filed | I in the Probate Division of the Circuit Separate sealed bids for Sewer Force Main location for will be received | t Court of Monroe County, Missouri. by City of Paris, Missouri at the office of.112 South Main, Paris, Me. [ / t~ate ot nrst pumlcauon IS JUly /y, read aloud " I [ Division Clerk Specifications, and Forms of Bid Bond, Performance and Payment Bond, | i (seal) Paula Delaneyand other contract documents may be examined at the following: i Deputy Clerk Klingner & Associates, P.C. ! l ..... ~ ". .... 4510 Paxis Gravel Road I i tslgnea) l:leRy wuson Hannibal, Me 63401 ! 1 Published on: July 29 Copies may be obtained at the office of Klihgner & Associates, P.C. i [ Trustee'siN RE: Sale:Harry Paetow, Single PUBLICATION t KvIL.I~ ISY Missouri.the Circuit Court of Monroe County, and situated m Monroe County, State .... For default in payment of debt and STATE OF MISSOURI All creditors of the decedent, who performance of obligation secured COUNTY OF MONROE died on March 22,2010, are notified by Deed of Trust executed by Harry TO THE FOLLOWING NAMED DE- that Section 473.444, RSMo, sets a andAugust 5, 2010 located at 4510 Paris Gravel Rd. Hannibal, Me 63401 upon payment of [ [ Y c nd " of mploym n b observed and minimum wage rates to be ! I inPaetw'the MatterSingleofdatedBrendaMaYcharlame25' 2007 FENDANTS'EIhI limitatiOnoF THEPerid that would bar claims THE EASTMILLsApHALF& SINGER,(E-1/2)OFp.c,. and recorded in the Office of the (a) Karrie L Gardner" one year after the death of the dece- Recorder of Deeds of Monroe County, fh'~ All of the unknown heirs devi dent A creditor may request that this Missouri m Book 323, Page 984 the sees orantees as~io-~ A ...... !i~. estate be opened for admimstratlon. undersigned Successor Trustee, at the ees leoatees administrat ........ Receipt of this horace should not be request of the legal holder of said Note tors m,ardi~-~ m-,* ...... ~.,,o*,.=o construed by the recipient to indicate vail on Wednesday, Au,m.t 11 2010 ............. - ..... that the recipient may possibly have -- - . ~. ^ ~'2- , , . anu ,ga~ representauves ant] all omer a beneficial interest in the estat an.= that the recipient may possibly have ' 2 [ between me hours o v:ou a.m. ana 3: ersons co"'orati ................ ..... 00 p m, (at the s,,ecific time of 2"05 v . . , , ,e ,,-~ ,,, ~ ......... nature and extent of any person's inter- PM~I ai the Weste Front Door of floe claiming oy, !hrougn or roBBer anyone est, if any, may possibly be determined / or more ot me aerenaants nameo m;, ^. ,k:o f'~aurt ~alloa ~;hr a~ ~ad~ 0 ~,~,. IJL~III UI ~Vl UR Utll~ ~LLL~ lll~ld ....... , ,~-:~ ~,, ,~,~, ,~oumynlamtiffsnetition" and ............. .. ......... .. . r r , m the trooate DIViSion oI the L;lrcult ot monroe, ~,tate o~ MISSOUri, Sell at (c~ All other "ersons and entities un ........... . . x / 1-" " L.our[ OI Monroe t~ounty, MISSOUri. public vendue to the highest bidder known claimin~ any ri-ht title estate ---- .;~.. r.~o.t. ..... ~; Y ~; , , , DlVlS~uu ,.~t~t~ for cash the.,followm.g described real lien, or interest in the real property de- (seal) Paula Delaney ............... untd 1 p.m. August 13, 2010 and then at sa~d office pubhcly opened and | estate, oescrloea m sala ueeu o! lruSt, .... , - ......... scribed m plamUff s petition adverse Deputy Clerk 2010 The Information for Bidders, Form of Bid, Form of Contract, Plans, | r TRI[gTIT.17)g gI1.17. ' $ 30.00 for each set. Any unsuccessful bidder, upon returning such set | I ,~. ~, . promptly and m good condmon, will be refunded hm payment, and any ! I tfanuOFssg&NROE'MONROEADDITIONOFTHE1 Missouri, 6, s~tuateu .......... LOT SOUTH WARNERS 1 to m AND wit: TO Monroe CITY, ONE-HALF THE 2, STATE IN t~ounty, COUNTY CITY SECOND BLOCK (S1/2) OF OF State decree Monroe onto and against Quiet fled 1. You plaintiffs plaintiff general Petition are Title you ascertatmng County, hereby ' s na.tur.e in ownership, title for haSthe Missouri, Reformation thereto, notified been of Circuit and which or commenced that the adjudgmg anY Court !saand object cloud for a Veri- of to performance 00 Trustee's Lisa For INpTRUSTEE'S RE: mHarris' default Published (at Sale: James the of Husband in obligation (signed) specific payment R on: Harris July and tune SALE Betty of secured and 22 Wife debt of Wilson and Anna 2 and by 2905 ~r~ Minter, rd~: Husband t=asey j. and Minter Wife anu Trustee's aacra non-bidder The ownerUpn reserves so returning the right such to waive a set any will informalities be refunded $0. or to reject any || I 1 Sale: . or all bids. ! { For default in Payment of debt andEach bidder must deposit with his bid security in the amount, form and ! i erformance of~ obli ation -secured subject to the conditions provided in the Information for Bidders | P .... g . , .-, Attention of bidders is particularly called to the requirements as to ! I oy ueea oi Jrust executeu oy t~ase o mons e e t to e J. Minter and Jacki Minter, Husband paid under the contract, Section 3, Segregated Facility, Section 109, and ! i missouri m Book 319, Page 1152 the and Wife dated April 29, 2005 E.O. 11246. i ! undersigned Successor Trustee at the and recorded in the Office of the. No bidder may withdraw his bid within 30 days after the actual date of ! t ............................ the o enin thereof " " Recorder of Deeds of Monroe County, P g ~ " July 2010 i I wm on Wednesday August 18 2010 Missouri in Book 312, Page 1311 the (Date) [ undersigned Successor Trustee, at the , requestofthelegalholderofsaidNote I NnTIC' " nF TAY C RTIFIC'AT " [ f will on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 ] ..... "~ ~~" ~ v .... ! f between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5: I The following is the publication of the list of lands and lots in Monroe County, i ; 00rim rat*=" .... ;a,. ,;-,= .. ,~.n I Missoud which'are to be offered for sale at the Courthouse door in the City of Pads ! i /i. ., ~, laut~, o ~,lxx~, ttu~ UX ~..UJ ' v I Monroe County Missoud beginning i ! PM), at the West Front Door of I ' ' ! Monday, AuguIt 23, 2010 Court House, City of Paris, County I , i I public vendue to the highest bidder I offered for sale by the undersigned collector of Monroe County, Missouri, according I . o sausw sam ueot ann cost token against you _ illl Years Delinquent: o be2007,9953A 2008 o & h 2009 M ssoun Sessions Number 11125 and 11126 of theii| | i the title and interest of the respective Deed of Trust execut=d !~. ~- =o v M . . ~., .y oo.ut~.,o x~ ILLSAP & SINGER, P.C., parttes m and to certain real property Harris and Ann- ~;o- u. ". u..~.~ Succe.s^. ,.P_..,. .... a x~a Hoa~m, ~xuaum~u a ut ~unte= located In Monroe County, Missouri ans W ............. c,~ o_:-=., r~..=._ _ . U Ire oateu 3eptemDer 1, ztroo o~-- apmttmv hawng a common address of l07 Ruby andrec r ........... St Louis MO 63005- o sea m me urnce ox me , ~treet, Paris, Missouri 65275 and a le- Recorder of Deeds of Monroe Coun'- (636) 537-0110 gal description of: .... .ty, File No: I15582.081110.208210 FC A part of the Northwest Fourth NOTICE of the Southwest Quarter of ......... ' .... request or me legm homer o~ said Note Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Section Eleven (11), in Town- .,, Practices Act, 15 U S C 61692c(b~, no ship Fifty-Four (54), Range Ten , , information concerning the collection (10) West of the Fifth Principal between the hours of 9:0(). a.m. and 5: of this debt may be given without Meridian, and lying within the -, the prior consent of the consumer corporate city limits of the City PM), at the Wes! Front Door of the given directly to the debt collector of Paris, Monroe County, Mis- uourt House, City of Pans, County or the exnress nermission of a court souri, described as follows:of Monroe, State of Missouri, sell at of corn etent "t~risdiction The debt Beginning at a point on the public vendue to the highest bidder ~...~ ap :.- j~_.: ..... _, .... .~_t..South line of Ruby Street, One for cash the following described real ..... - ........ Munereo anu Dlxty-lvlve (105) estate, oescnoed m said Deed of Trust, anu any mrormauon ootamea WlU oe feet East from the East line of and situated in Monroe County, State of Monroe, State of Missouri, sell at I at 10:00elckA'M'andcntinuing frm day t day until the complste list hasbeenl useu Ior mat purpose. - ....... Washington Street; thence East of Missouri, to wit: . _, .............. ~ .......... l to the provisions of Senate Bill Number 94 of the Missoun Sessions Acts of 1933 and I i 1-'uolisnea on JUly 13, dz, zy : . on said South line ofRuby Street ALL OF LOT THREE (3) zor ~et~u mv touowmg tmscnoeu rea~ the Secti n Hum r It ei " ' i andAugust 5 2010 , to the West line of Main Street; IN SANTA FE TRAILS estate, described m said Deed of Trust, I Missouri Sessions Acts of 1948.- ! : NOTICE OF thence South on said west line of SUBDIVISION, APART OF THE . -. . I Lands and lots offered under FIRST SALE will be offered for not less than the t of Missouri, to vat: I stated totals representing the total amount of taxes and costs, including the costs of i SUMMONS BY _Mainlg tyStreet(180) Onefeet Hundredto the Northand NORTH HALF OF SECTION - this sale, due on said lands or lots to and including the year 2008. PUBLICATION ." ..... SIXTEEN (16), TOWNSHIP line m an auey; thence west on LOTS ONE (1) AND TWO (2) I "Certificate of PurChase" will be issued on 'FIRST SALE" and is subject t~ [ IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF ............ FIFTY-THREE (53) NORTH, sale ~onn nne to a point gne AND THE WEST TWENTY | redemption any time dudng a one (1) year pedod in accordance with the unamend~ ! MONROE COUNTY, MISSOURI Hnndre ............. RANGE EIGHT (8) WEST ( ) ...... (20) O LOT 1 u ~lZt~'-rive tlO:~) leer FEET F S ONE provisions of Senate Bill 94 of the Missouri Sessions Act of 1933 According to .............. FIFIT-IPRINCIPAL ALL (3P T(~TS I M,ssoun State Law #140 250 before a Collector s Deed can be gwen the purehaserI .~ . . ... ... r.,ast from me r.ast naP ol wash- . ......-.... AND TWO (2); ......... " uwens and MunCh Koaney uwens ino~,m Rfro,=t. th,=.o,~ N..-~h ~.,= lvl~J~l/M~, has to provide a "Certified Title Search" to the collector. :, Case No 10"'~" ~, ................................... THREE (3) AND FOUR (4); I [ ~ar~ to satisfy saio oebt ano cost. FIRST SALE - MONDAY, August 23, 2010 " Hundred Eight (180) feet to the ALL IN BLOCK FOUR (4) I < [ BRENDA CHARLAINE.. point of beginnin-g. MILLSAP & SINGER, P.C., THE WEST_ __ ._..,FIAT.~ (Vq-l/23,:-. ~'-, .... oF !Christy, Geoffrey E. & Mary A. Schauped ~ I OWENS, Petttaoner, Successor Trustee .... 2.The names of all the parties in the " BLOCK FOUR (4);'~ ~ l'~%~d~ff~ i!| vs. MARION RODNEY OWENS, captioned action are listod in the Fell- 612 Spirit Drive WEST ONE-HALF (W-l/2) I Years Delinquent: 2007, ' q)08 & )09 " | i" SSN unknown, Respondent. tion filed with the Court. St. Louis, MO 63005 OF OUTLOT THREE (3) ALL I Total Taxes & Costs: $620. 63 "I TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RE- 3. The name and address of the at- (636) 537-0110 IN BAILEY'S ADDITION TO I England Lan I SPONDENT MARION RODNEY torney representing the plaintiff is: File No: 95987.081810.209189FC MONROE CITY, MONROE 1 20-4.0-19-0o0-000-003.000 i i OWENS: You are hereby notified that David P. Renovitch, 7733 Forsyth NOTICE COUNTY, MISSOURI. Ia60'x938.a0'partNpartNWSect19T53R10asdescribedin ! you have been named as the Respon- Avenue, Suite 1975, St. Louis, Mis- Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection to s tisfv ait I Book 320/Page 1353 and recorded in the Monroe County i Recorder's Office ! dent in a Petition for Dissolution of souri, 63105 Practices Act, 15 U S C , I 1 4 ~rthe .... 1692c(b). no a _ s d deb and cost. : Marriage. filed by. Petitioner Brenda . You are r notified that unless, information concemin~.~ the collectLn'o Charlame Owens in the Circuit Court you file an answer or other pleading or of this debt may be given without Successor Trustee I Total Taxes & Costs: $3,051.85 ! of Monroe County, Missouri. You are o erw se ap.pear, and defend against the prior consent of the consumer 612 Sprat Drive I Frededok, Erich I i! St. Lores, Me 63005 115-2.0-10-001-020-008.000 I summoned to appear before this court thls actaon, within 45 days after. July given directly to the debt collector (636) 537-0110 120' E part L 2 & all L 3 B 2 Cooper Addition Paris I leadin t 22, 2010 judgment by default vail be and file your p " g o the Petition, , . or the express permission of a court File No: 116156.082510.209471 FC I Years Delinquent: 2007. 2008 & 2009. 1 and to serve a copy of your., pleading 3." "~1 ne newspaper'to......... oe puDusnea m IS of competent, jurisdiction.. The debt NOTICE I Total Taxes & Costs: $288.13 ~-t : upon the attorney for Petthoner at the ........... collector ~s attempting to collect a debt me Monroe t~ounty Appeal, r.U. t~OX .... Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection I Gamett, Bula D. . / following address all. within. 45 . 207, Paris, ......... ~vtu o~,~/~, and. any mformaUon obtained yell be Practices" Act, 15 U.S.C. 1692c(b), no : I o15-11/70-11-003"010-007"000 ...... ~J days after the pubhcatlon of this no- - .......... .. used for that numose ......... , o ,= L ~ '~ ~Z U O ra,rv,ew ~e,gnts vads ~1 .......... O. lne (late oi me first pUDllCatlon IS v -i- ,~ Uce" starting JUly 13, 2uIU" ^ .,.,-~ ~-. -f,. ,- .,,~,,~ Published on" July 22 29, mmrmauon concerning the collection I Years Delinquent: 2007, 2008 & 2009 ~Y'l . " . -" th~ Z./-I.IU U~lt.y U JUly ,UIU " ' of this debt may be given without I Total Taxes & Costs: $1,803.80 I Richard J. Fredrick Published on: July 22, 29 August 5 and 12, 2010 P.O. Box 208 August 5 and 12 2010 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF the prior consent of the consumer 1 given directly to the debt collector Johnston, Ruby E. ~ ; Paris, Me 65275 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT'OF MONROE COUNTY, MISSOURI ...... I 06-6.0-13-000-000-005.010 .~ or me express permission OI a court If you fall to file your pleading, judg Probate Division ~ . 110 off of W side of 10 Acre square in the NW ~~J i ' " " MONROE COUNTY, " " " oz competent jurisdiction. The debt I oomerNWSWSectl3T55R12 / : merit by default will be taken against MISSOURI HONORABLE MICHAEL P" collector is attempting to collect a debt I Years Delinquent: 2007, 2008 & 2009 | ,, Petition.YU for the relief demanded in the ProbateHONORABLEDivisionMICHAEL P. WIL- IOMN-PR00005WILSON' JUDGE Case Number: and any information obtained will be I Total Taxes & Costs: $40:87 I . i used for that purpose. I ....... Pe " Naomi / Paula Delaney (signed) SON, JUDGE In the Estate of ............. I tuemmayer, eowam nroo, / t'uoasnea on : JUly ZY, August 3, 116-2 0-03-003-011-003 000 I Monroe County Circuit Clerk Case Number: IOMN-PR00026 JIMMY HAROLD LOVELADY, 12 and 19, 2010 I L2B 50dginal Town Holliday | (seal) in the Estate of HOWARD CALVINDeceased. Published on: July 15, 22, 29 andAu- JONES, Deceased. NOTICE TO ...... 1 Years Delinquent: 2007, 2008 & 2009 I ; ---a ............ [I'rlU~I~Ic NOTICEI I Total Taxes & Costs: $399.06 1 gust 5, 2010 (D te File Stamp) f~n~t~t,-~.-~n IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF NOTICE , Morgan, Victoda B. .] :' (Small Estate) I PHR/IP. NI'~TI~I~ I 115-1.0-11-002-022-004.000 -'=t MONROE COUNTY, MO TO C~='DITORS I ............. I I L 4 B 1 Maupin Addition Pads " I ! PROBATE DIVISION .~t,~,~ .... (Date File Stamp) o (~man t~smte) To All Persons Interested m the I The Monroe County Nursing I I Years Delinquent: 2007, 2008 & 2009 / i In the Estate el lO ............ An rersons lnteresreo in rue " " IHome District will hold a public I I Total Taxes & Costs: $1,414.99 I KATHRYNDEcEAsEDRODGERS, ~sta,e ........... o.t .owaro t.mwn aeries, Decedent.Estate of Jimmy Harold Lovelady, I hearing at their regu!ar meeting I I ,,...t 1 ueceuent. I August 9, at 5:30 p.m. for the I115-1.-0O2---0 3-002-006.000 '/ NOTI E OF On July 22,2010, a small estate af C On July 6, 2010, asmallestateatti- " - I purpose of se~ng tax levy. I I Part SW SW 2-54-10 Out lots Pads as described in .| davit was filed b the d~stnbutees for fidavlt was filed by the dlstnbutees tor FINAL SETTLEMENT " Y " " , '! .... ! " I Monroe Manor, II Book 112/page 532 & recorded in tha Monroe County / ...... = .~_ me ueceoem unuer ~ection 473 097, " Recorder's Office PtTrttc eet, PansMo. . Kathryn Rodgers, Deceased, EstateNO.08MN-PR00041 .B. .It .I. 2 I Monroe City Senior Housing I1 Reed, George | . Notice is hereby given that the under- ~ ~ I is accentin~bids for roofimz II 15-2.0-03-004-001-006.000 | signed Personal Representative of said NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING I II pert SESE out ,ots Pads as described in | estate, will file a final settlement and A ublic heann wi'l .....7 ^^ " t ..... t t-e M -ison C 3I I I Book 112/page 532 & recorded in the Monroe County ' I .................. p g I De nela at :uu p.m. Augus ~, ZU'IU, a n aa - I ~'L*ZT_7_L":, I I Recorder's Office J i~ peuuon ulsrrlDUUOn in me trooate o School supedntendent'sofficeatwhichcitizensmaybeheardonthepr pertytax I II Total Taxes&Costs:$88.81 / Division of the Circuit Court of Men- rates proposed to be set by the Madison School District, a political subdivision. I Ior r cm.ovmgom sm.ngtes ar~u II Years Delinquent: 2007, 2008 & 2009 | roe County, Missouri, on the 16th day The tax rates shall be set to produce the revenues which the budget for the of Augnst, 2010 or as continued by the fiscal year beginning July 1 ,2010 shows to be required from the property tax. I acceDted ~til Aumast 9 and I I Rehkop, Todd B. ] urt Each tax rate is determined by dividing the amount of revenue requested by the I ~,,=,~t ~ I 1 10-3.1-05-000-000-001.020 ] co . ' I II L5NE%lyingEofCountyRd(exceptpartof b:ect:^-- t^ the final settlement current assessed valuation The result is multiplied by l00 so the tax rate wdl be I " II NEpart) Sect5T55R8 | !! ................ expressed in cents per $100 valuation. or peuuon zor UlSmOUtton snau oe ......... I tJumore at zu I _~. Main, tans I1 Years Delinquent: 2007, 2008 & 2009 :|" ............... assesseo vatuanon Prior tax rear ~;urrent Tax rear Total Taxes & Costs" $1 568 97 . m wmmg anu nlea vamm twenty 0ays tar e,,taaor ,sl 2olo 660-327-4969 I ...... ,I ,, from the date sald final settlement is ,.._ RaalEstate(residenUal) $ 5,127,740 $ 5,217,250 I NOTICEOF I |Tillman, JvinJr. ,| i rueu ~ Real Estate (agric., hort.) $ 2,926,400 $ 2,956,770 I .......... ~. ,-- I / 15-1.0-11-002-021-004.000 " ~I Mary Ann Bodine Real Estate (util., indust., etc.) $ 494,223 $ 497,565 l pUI~LIE;; PIIP..AI*I!Ni I I L 4 B 2 Alexander- Hawkins Addition Pads 1 Connie Sue Perry Personal Property $ 3.264.788 $ 3.250.249 I A nubile hearin~ will he held I I Years Delinquent: 2007 2008 & 2009 :| Co-PersonalRepresentatives TOTAL . $11,833,151 $11,921,834 I _5 -T o... ?; L"~ I /TotaITaxes&Costs" $59499 ~| I at~p.m. Augustlz, atJ~lrue I 1 " "